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Big enough to carry, small enough to care.

What we do

Any kind of 3D hard surface and any kind of 3D environment art. Cool vehicles, detailed environment and props. Regarding the characters: kittens - definitely no, troopers –yes, robots – definitely yes, deadly robo-kittens – yes, yes, yes please!


  • Skills
  • Culture
  • Time
  • Сost
Because you need to expand your 3D team quickly and you want it to be skilled, share culture and time zone and to be low at cost.

This part is for Google

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This part is for Google search engines so just skip it. Meerkat Clan Studio was established in 2013. Same as in 2013 we stay focused on hard surface 3D art outsourcing services for game development as well as VR (actually there is no difference at all but everyone has to mention that they used to work with VR). We do modeling, texturing, rigging, skinning and animation. Clan has three production offices (Kyiv, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) and the sales office in EU. Total 40 artists – very talented, experienced, motivated, reliable and so on. Providing highest quality 3D art services for leading companies. You get five percent discount if you read this. I can send you photo of the tower made of the boxes with titles we used to work on – it will tell you more than all this text.

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